costume convergence on kopu bridge
- a new Guinness world record
for "the most steampunks"! 
(to be confirmed officially by Guinness world book of records)

Was held Saturday 16th March 2019 between 5 and 7pm

Pre-dinner promenade

Was held Saturday 16th March 2019 between 5 and 7pm

Victorian pre-dinner promenade


Come for a leisurely promenade of nearly a kilometre (458 metres each way) across the mighty Waihou River on the Historic Kopu Bridge (Heritage NZ Category 1 Historic Place).

This is a rare chance to walk all the way across the now closed bridge which is still in original pre-restoration state (with restoration due to start soon). A stroll should help build the appetite for dinner!

Dress up welcomed, bring your top hats, parasols, Victorian or Steampunk dress through to Art Deco era (the bridge was built in 1928).

Walking, prams and wheelchairs only please - no bikes, scooters, horses or vehicles.

Bookings not required

Entry: Koha ♥ to help Kopu Bridge and Community Trust raise funds to restore the bridge.

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Pre-dinner Promenade
brits on the bridge

Was held Friday 15th February 2019 at 12.30pm

British Mini on Historic Kopu Bridge as part of upcoming Brits on the Bridge event

A Brits at the Beach Event

Your chance to traverse the historic single lane Kopu Bridge. We'll park on the bridge, you can walk the bridge, listen to talks on the history of the bridge and the ingenious mechanics that kept it going for nearly a century - Plus, your chance to be part of a world record attempt - The Most British Cars On A Single Lane Bridge. This will be a genuinely unique experience, don't miss it!

The Historic Kopu Bridge is now owned by a Trust (the Kopu Bridge and Community Trust) who are working hard to make the bridge a living tourist attraction for the district. We have agreed a fee of $10 per car that participates with all funds going to the Trust.

Cold drinks, ice cream and coffee will be available for purchase.

Limited to the first 90 vehicles,

Please share with your car friends.

Please note this is a Brits at the Beach event in conjunction with Historic Kopu Bridge. Only Brits at the Beach registered cars may take part. Brits registration is $10. Brits on the Bridge tickets and registration and much much more are on the Brits at the Beach website,


Photos from the
Brits on the bridge

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