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We warmly welcome your donations of money, time/services or materials in kind.

Please donate to the Kopu Bridge and Community Trust to assist with the bridge restoration, or consider a bequest to the Trust. 

We require assistance/donations to restore the bridge to a stage where it can reopen to the public. This includes replacing railings, stainless steel wire replacement, finishing the conservation plan (done!), electrical work (done!), health and safety equipment, signage and restoring the pilot house. Every donation, helps us immensely. Thank you!
Our bank account for donations is

Kopu Bridge and Community Trust
Westpac Thames
03 0458 0007183 000

The Trust is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005 (registration number CC56077) and the Charitable Trust Act 1957 (registration number 2653151). Please advise us by email if you have made a donation, so we can issue you with a receipt for tax purposes for any donation you may be so kind as to give the Trust. 

Thank you so much for your kind support of this important heritage bridge,

Kopu Bridge and Community Trust

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