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Join the Friends of the Historic Kopu Bridge

Membership includes three newsletters a year and the chance to participate in day to day management of the bridge such as opening and closing the bridge, tour guiding etc. You can even train to become a bridge pilot if this interests you.

Our volunteers range in age from 18 to 80+, so all are welcome.

Membership is $20 per year. You can choose to be actively involved, or simply be a financial member receiving the newsletter if you prefer.

To join the Friends of the Historic Kopu Bridge, please see our online membership form

Join Friends of Kopu Bridge

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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Become a Trustee of the Kopu Bridge and Community Trust

Join our team of Trustees passionate about heritage, engineering and local economic growth. Whilst we welcome all new Trustees we are especially keen to add Trustees with strength in the legal and accounting/finance areas.

The Kopu Bridge and Community Trust has ownership of the bridge and provides a governance role and funding for the bridge. 

Our Trustees are;

Rikki Ngamane - Construction Project Manager - Chairperson

Ross Bayer - Engineer (Trustee)

Wati Ngamane - Ngati Maru and Chairperson of Hauraki Rail Trail (Trustee)

Jonathan Broome - Engineer (Trustee)

Kim Buchanan - Media, PR, events, web design and social media (Trustee)

Leigh Robcke - Planner (Secretary)

Our patron was Jeanette Fitzsimons - Politician and Environmentalist. Sadly, Jeannette passed away unexpectedly on the 5th of March 2020.

Please email us at, to express interest in becoming a Trustee

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